Training Opportunities

The Office of School Safety is dedicated to providing training that helps schools deter, prevent, mitigate, and respond to school violence. Our training initiatives are shown below.



SUSO Tip Line: Train-the-Trainer


These webinars are a train-the-trainer curriculum for elementary, middle, and high school students. The material presented is age-appropriate information on when and how to use the free statewide confidential tip line to report threats of school violence. There will be two courses available; one for elementary students and one for middle school/high school students. The elementary specific presentation focuses on “telling a trusted adult” when someone makes them feel unsafe. The middle school/high school presentation focuses more on school violence prevention, the use of the tip line application and making a tip. How these presentations can/should be delivered. This presentation is intended to be provided directly to students during school hours. The information can be provided to them during homeroom, study hall or during a general assembly for each individual grade. The training is projected to only take 10-15 minutes of student’s time.


After the completed webinar you will receive a virtual toolkit to the email address that you used to register for the webinar. The virtual toolkit that will include:

  • Ready to deliver curriculum package
  • Ready to print promotional items
  • Letter to parents introducing SUSO
  • Link to the SUSO store
  • A SUSO school fact sheet
  • A SUSO law enforcement agency fact sheet
Date Location Registration Link

TBD - By Request


Please contact Erin Armbrust to inquire about the SUSO Train-the-Trainer Presentation



3k-12 Implementation of the Standard Response Method and the Standard Reunification Method


This course will introduce to school staff both the Standard Response Protocol (SRP)and the Standard Reunification Method (SRM).  These procedures are practical, action based, responses to any given situation within a school community. The six specific actions performed after an incident include: Hold, Secure, Lockdown, Evacuate, Shelter, Reunify. The SRM is utilized to reunite students with parents and guardians after an emergency or crisis. This training is free of cost.


Training Date Location Registration Link

Tuesday, July 12th 

408 W. Beloit Street, Orfordville, WI 53576



Basic Threat Assessment Team Course & Advanced Threat Assessment Course


The Basic Threat Assessment Team course is for school administrators, mental health professionals, security personnel and law enforcement. This course explains why threat assessment is an important part of violence prevention in schools, who should be part of school-based threat assessment team, the investigative themes important in threat assessment, how to determine the severity of the threat, and how to determine the appropriate response to concerning behavior. Attendees will work in small teams to complete tabletop exercises and discuss appropriate outcomes. This training is free of cost.


Training Date Location Registration Link
Basic Threat Assessment Team Course

Thursday, August 18th 

8am - 4pm

Waunakee Village Center, 333 S. Madison St., Waunakee 53597

Register Here


The Advanced Threat Assessment Team course is a training for school administrators, mental health professionals, security personnel and law enforcement who have already completed the Basic School Threat Assessment Team Course. This course will discuss concepts in intimate partner violence such as the pathway to violence, the intimacy effect, and power/control. This course will also discuss concepts in violent extremism and the role it plays in school violence. This training is free of cost.


If you are taking either Basic or Advanced Threat Assessment virtually, please be advised that in order to obtain certification status with OSS, two things must occur:


  1. A minimum of 330 minutes for each course must be attended by each participant
  2. The course work is turned in, via email to the instructor, for both classes. 

If either of these items are not met, the attendee will not obtain certification status. Coursework must be completed by individual attendees, and group work will not be accepted.


Other notes from OSS: 

  • If signing up for both basic and advanced training sessions, please attend on consecutive days.
  • Please register with your work related email 
  • In order for DOJ to track and certify attendees, please avoid registering others. We appreciate individuals signing up for themselves only. At the time of training, please join with the registration link provided. This is how OSS verifies training attendance and completion. If you must participate with a group (i.e., in a conference room), please email OSS ESA Emily Ramsey ahead of time at