As the State Administering Agency for federal justice grant funds, the Wisconsin Department of Justice develops statewide strategies, determines funding priorities, and advises the Governor and legislature on justice policy issues.


Funding Announcement

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2019 County Law Enforcement Grant


This grant is available to fund law enforcement operations. To be eligible for this formula grant a County must boarder or contain a federally recognized Reservation or Off-Reservation Trust Lands, not receive County/Tribal funding with every tribe within their jurisdiction and submit an application. Individual awards are capped at $50,000.


Total: $190,000

2019 Tribal Law Enforcement Grant


This grant is available to fund law enforcement operations. To be eligible for this formula grant an applicant must be a Wisconsin tribe and submit an application. 


Total: $695,000

2019 County/Tribal Law Enforcement Grant


This grant is available to fund law enforcement operations. To be eligible for this formula grant a County and a Tribe with a federally recognized Reservation or Off-Reservation Trust Lands within the County must enter into a joint law enforcement agreement and submit an application. A County or Tribe can be party to any number of applications.


Total: $631,200 

Pre-Booking Diversion Pilot Program (2019)


Through this grant announcement a total of $261,000 in state funding is available annually over a two-year project period, which started in 2018 and ends on December 31, 2019. These funds are intended to support the Pre-Booking Diversion Pilot Programs, based on the awards from year one of the projects. The funding will be used by law enforcement agencies to implement programs developed based on the established diversion models. 


Eligibility:  Non -  Competitive 


Total: $261,000

JAG Court Safety and Security Conference (2015)


Through this grant announcement, DOJ is seeking an application from the Wisconsin Director of State Courts Office to support the 2019 Court Safety and Security Conference.  This conference is designed to provide law enforcement and court personnel with the most current strategies and best practices for ensuring a safe facility for courthouse employees and the public.


Eligibility:  Non -  Competitive 


Total:  $30,000

Law Enforcement Drug Trafficking Response (2019)


Through this grant, the Department of Justice shall establish a grant program to fund law enforcement response to drug trafficking. A total of $1,000,000 in State funds is available to eligible Wisconsin law enforcement and tribal law enforcement agencies for the calendar year 2019. A grant will be provided only to fund a new program or purpose within the agency and will not be provided to supplement an existing program. Priority consideration will be given to applications from multi-jurisdictional drug task forces intended to enhance interagency coordination, share intelligence, and facilitate multi-jurisdictional investigations focused on drug trafficking within the state. 


Total: $1,000,000

NCHIP Livescan (2018)


Funds awarded under this solicitation will be available to communities selected due to their volume of fingerprint images, the status of their existing equipment and the goal of having direct impression capture and transfer equipment available in at least every county in the state. Funds can only be used to purchase and install livescan equipment compatible with the fingerprint system operated by the Wisconsin Department of Justice. 


Total: $451,000


Grants Administrative Guide

DOJ has prepared this guide in an attempt to provide recipients with basic information which will facilitate the efficient administration of a grant program. Circulars published by the Office of Management & Budget, the OJP Financial Guide, DOJ policy memoranda, and other Federal and state regulations were used in preparing this guide.


Grant Administrative Guide 2018


Reporting Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Grant recipients should report any allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse of grant funds to the appropriate DOJ grant-making component. In addition to or instead of reporting allegations to the grant-making component, you may report them to the USDOJ Office of the Inspector General online at DOJ OIG Hotline Concerning Grants, by fax at (202) 305-8447, or by mail:

U.S. Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General Fraud Detection Office Attn: Grantee Reporting 1300 North 17th Street, Suite 3200 Arlington, VA 22209


Discrimination Policy for External Parties


Discrimination Policy & Complaint Process