Division of Criminal Investigation DCI

The Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) is charged with a purely criminal investigative mission and function. The Division employs Special Agents who are sworn law enforcement officers possessing statewide jurisdiction and charged with the responsibility of enforcing the laws of the State of Wisconsin. The Division also has a cadre of digital, criminal, and investigative program analysts who support Wisconsin's law enforcement agencies. Finally, our administrative support personnel help the Division be responsive to the citizens of Wisconsin and all of our criminal justice partners. DCI has a responsibility of investigating crimes that are statewide in nature or importance. DCI Special Agents and analysts work closely with local, county, tribal, state and federal officials to investigate and prosecute crimes involving homicide, arson, financial crimes, illegal gaming, multi-jurisdictional crimes, drug trafficking, computer crimes, homeland security, public integrity and government corruption as well as crimes against children. The Division also performs special investigations requested by the Governor or the Legislature. In addition, the Division provides extensive training to local, state and federal officers on current issues in law enforcement. 



Division Administration


Ryan Shogren



Ryan Shogren
Acting Administrator









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