The Department of Justice, Office of School Safety (OSS) will lead a collaborative and inclusive effort to provide safe schools for all Wisconsin communities.


OSS engages, educates, and supports all school safety stakeholders in providing safe learning environments for students, school staff, and communities. We achieve this by:

  • Supporting school-based threat assessment/behavioral intervention teams
  • Championing evidence-based violence prevention programs
  • Supporting schools experiencing critical incidents
  • Providing schools with free or low-cost training and technical assistance
  • Providing schools direct access to subject matter experts


  • OSS values operating in the best interest of each child.
  • OSS values engaging with education professionals, students, parents, law enforcement and behavioral health service providers.
  • OSS values collaborative, multi-disciplinary teams to determine Wisconsin best-practices related to school safety.
  • OSS values equitable access to safe learning environments.
  • OSS values evidence-based practices that encourage Allyship Skill-Building to support children of color, LGBTQ+ youth, and children with special needs.