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Wisconsin Threat Assessment Validation Study

Grant awards for this program have been announced, and applications are no longer being accepted.


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Are you a validation study grantee who is ready to request reimbursement? When requesting reimbursement, grantees must complete and upload either a Control School Reimbursement Checklist or Intervention School Reimbursement Checklist into Egrants, based on your school’s study group.


When requesting reimbursement, your fiscal report must include:

  1. A completed fiscal table, inside the report in Egrants
  2. Support documentation for all expenditures
  3. Your school’s reimbursement checklist, linked above


Failure to complete items 1-3 above will result in delayed reimbursement.


Questions about the checklist? Email 


In July of 2021, The Office of School Safety awarded grant funds to 27 schools chosen to participate in the U.W. Madison’s Validation Study of the Wisconsin School Threat Assessment Protocol. Proposed expenditures will enhance or improve upon existing efforts to prevent school violence through access to internal and external behavioral health resources. The goal of this program is to provide schools with financial assistance to support students who present as a medium or high risk of violence.


To be eligible schools must have provided official documentation from the University of Wisconsin – Madison’s Education Department showing the school has been selected to participate in the DOJ/UW-Madison Threat Assessment Validation Study.


The project period for this funding opportunity is July 1st, 2021 – December 31st, 2023.


Grant Announcement


OSS updated the Validation Study grant’s list of eligible expenditures July 31st, 2021.See the complete list, including the updates, below.


Eligible expenditures are those expenses reasonably and directly related to student assistance and/or intervention following a threat assessment of concerning or prohibited behavior. Eligible expenses include:

  • Personnel not employed by the school who provide behavioral health resources to a person of concern believed to present a risk of violence. Such resource personnel may include psychologists, counselors, or other similar intervention personnel.
  • Personnel not employed by the school who provide psychological recovery services to the victims of actions or behaviors of the person of concern listed in #1, above. Such recovery personnel may include psychologists, counselors, social workers and/or similar community service providers.
  • School personnel whose primary duty is providing therapeutic intervention service to high-risk students. Note that this position must be new and cannot have been previously budgeted. Examples include hiring of a new school counselor, social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, or other mental health provider to provide therapeutic services.
  • Travel costs directly related to providing the therapeutic or recovery services listed above.
  • Supplies directly related to providing in-school tele/virtual mental health appointments.
  • Infrastructure directly required to create tele/virtual mental health systems.


Additional eligible expenditures have been added to this funding opportunity. See the two items listed, now eligible for reimbursement.

  • DOJ OSS is now allowing all grantees to request reimbursement for students are who uninsured/underinsured, or who cannot afford their copay.
  • DOJ OSS is now allowing “intervention school” grantees to request reimbursement of costs incurred due to school staff attending the required Basic or Advanced Threat Assessment Team Training. As these trainings are all virtual and take place during the day, and reimbursement cannot replace previously budgeted expenses (staff salaries). An example of a reimbursable cost would be hiring substitute teacher to cover for an individual while TAT members attend the training.


SSI Grants - Critical Incident Stabilization Funds

The purpose of this grant is to assist schools that need additional resources to respond or recover from a critical incident. There are specific qualifications that a school/district must meet prior to applying, and these funds are awarded differently than other school safety grant funds. A panel of representatives from the OSS Advisory Committee will review and determine if an application will be approved.


Schools/districts are not required to have been awarded previous DOJ school safety grants to apply, and schools designated as "high risk grantees" are still allowed to apply for funds.


The grant announcement is available here.



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Direct Deposit Forms

Your school needs to be a registered vendor with the Department of Justice to receive reimbursement. If you are not a registered vendor, please request the three documents (listed below) from OSS by emailing . Note, these forms will require a copy of a current voided check or a bank letter on bank letterhead, signed by a bank representative.

  • Authorization for Direct Deposit
  • New Supplier
  • IRS W-9