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Wisconsin School Threat Assessment and Management Protocol

The School Threat Assessment and Management Protocol is an early intervention tool to assist BTAM (Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management) trained staff in determining appropriate intervention steps when students exhibit concerning behaviors. For upcoming BTAM training courses, see our Training Opportunities page. The BTAM process continuum includes Triage, Inquiry, Assessment, and Case Management. The Wisconsin School Threat Assessment and Management Protocol (WSTAMP) Process Flowchart specifies each step in the process.  The BTAM process is case specific.  Some cases may proceed to the full Assessment process, and others may result in the development of a management plan for a student of concern at the Triage or Inquiry phase.  All cases must be monitored over time.  New information or failure to comply with the case specific management plan may result in plan adjustments or in the initiation of a new Triage/ Inquiry/ Assessment/Case Management process. 



New Threat Assessment Resources/Forms


Wisconsin Comprehensive School Security Framework

The Comprehensive School Security Framework offers a comprehensive set of considerations, best practices, and procedures to support the efforts of local schools and communities. This document can guide local efforts to prevent, mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from violence.


Safe Schools Legal Resource Manual


Mandatory Reporting of Threats of School Violence


Developing a Multidisciplinary Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management (BTAM) Team


CISA Bomb Threat Resources


CISA K-12 School Safety Resources


School Safety Drills

Wis. Stat. § 118.07  requires schools to conduct at least one annual drill in the proper response to a school violence event, and submit a brief written summary to their school board or private school's governing body within 30 days of the drill. Schools may use this documentation to satisfy this requirement


Mental Health


Crisis Planning


Safety Assessments and Safety Plans


Internet Safety Tools


Local Initiatives 

  • Fond du Lac School District Mental Health Services for Students:
  • Virtual/Anonymous Threat Assessment Checklist: Kenosha Unified School District has created an assessment template for virtual or anonymous threats.  KUSD collaborated with OSS and the National Threat Assessment Center to develop this helpful tool, and we are sharing it with their permission.