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The following lists contain archived media from the DOJ website before January 5th, 2015. The media lists go back to roughly December of 2007 and contain the galleries, news releases, and attorney general opinions.


Attorney General Opinions

Apr 21 2011

How a County Should Respond to a Petition for a Referendum to Reduce the Number of County Supervisory Districts

Dec 22 2010

Van Hollen Issues Formal Opinion Addressing Conservation Easements on County Forest Lands

Aug 26 2010

Aug 9 2010

Direct Impact of Citizens United on Wisconsin Campaign Financing Laws

Aug 2 2010

Corporation Counsel's Discretionary Authority in Initiating Involuntary Commitment Proceedings

Jul 22 2010

Towns Cannot Require Other Units of Government to Engage in "Coordination," Attorney General Van Hollen Reasons in Formal Opinion

Feb 16 2010

Van Hollen Issues Formal Opinion Approving Transmission of Certain Confidential Case Information Between Courts & Law Enforcement


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