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The following lists contain archived media from the DOJ website before January 5th, 2015. The media lists go back to roughly December of 2007 and contain the galleries, news releases, and attorney general opinions.


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Attorney General Opinions

Sep 28 2009

Van Hollen Issues Informal Opinion on Intergovernmental Taskforce

Jul 13 2009

Jun 3 2009

County Executives, Not County Boards, Have Power To Appoint Member Of Public Inland Lake And Rehabilitation District Board Commission

Jun 2 2009

Van Hollen Issues Informal Opinion On Riverway Zoning Ordinances

Apr 20 2009

Sheriffs May Not Lend Money To Persons Charged With A Crime So That They Can Make Bail, AG Van Hollen Determines In Formal Opinion

Mar 19 2009

Van Hollen Issues Informal Opinion Clarifying Scope Of Open Meetings Law On "Quasi-Governmental" Entities

Mar 19 2009