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The following lists contain archived media from the DOJ website before January 5th, 2015. The media lists go back to roughly December of 2007 and contain the galleries, news releases, and attorney general opinions.


Attorney General Opinions

Apr 29 2008

DPPA - Wisconsin Public Records Law

Apr 10 2008

School Boards May Not Deny Enrollment To Students Based On Their Expulsion From Private Schools Or Out-Of-State Public Schools

Apr 8 2008

A Former Judge Whose Judicial Term Has Not Expired May Not Serve On Government Accountability Board

Feb 22 2008

Counties May Enact Carefully Crafted Ordinances To Regulate Aquatic Invasive Species

Feb 20 2008

Potential Jurors Must Be Summoned At Random

Feb 14 2008

Various Issues Concerning The Publication Of County Proceedings And The Publication Of County Legal Notices

Feb 14 2008

How Gifts To County Human Services Departments Are To Be Accepted By Counties

Oct 25 2007

Illegal Aliens Not Eligible For State Licensing And Credentialing

Sep 27 2007

Intersection of Federal Medical Privacy Rules and State Laws Providing Access To Records.