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The following lists contain archived media from the DOJ website before January 5th, 2015. The media lists go back to roughly December of 2007 and contain the galleries, news releases, and attorney general opinions.


Attorney General Opinions

Oct 24 2008

Circuit Court Must Absorb Costs for Necessary Interpreter Services

Oct 14 2008

Van Hollen Issues Informal Opinion on Laws Addressing Anti-Blocking Ordinances for Trains

Oct 1 2008

Inter-Agency Law Enforcement Mutual Assistance Statute Does Not Apply To Tribal Law Enforcement, Van Hollen Reasons In Formal Opinion

Sep 4 2008

Attorney General Van Hollen Issues Informal Opinion On Arrest Powers Of Private Security Guards

Sep 4 2008

A.G. Issues Informal Opinion On Duty Of County Jail Staff To Comply With Do Not Resuscitate Orders Of Jail Inmates

Aug 7 2008

Jul 30 2008

County May Prohibit One Company From Being Both The Construction Manager And The Contractor On The Same Project

Jul 30 2008

Sheriffs May Not Supplement Their Salaries By Retaining Service Of Process Fees