Safe at Home participants that intend to vote need to register as confidential electors using their actual address. This is one of the very few instances under the law that requires the disclosure of a Safe at Home participant’s actual address. Registration as a confidential elector ensures that a Safe at Home participant's actual address is kept confidential within the voter registry.


To become a confidential elector, a Safe at Home participant must personally register to vote at the office of their municipal clerk and submit a written request for confidentiality. The Safe at Home participant should use the form entitled Affidavit of Safe at Home Address Confidentiality Program Designee With Respect to Elector Request for Confidential Listing to support their request for status as a confidential elector. A completed and notarized copy of this form may be obtained by the participant directly from Safe at Home prior to registration with the municipal clerk. Safe at Home recommends that participants file this notarized form with their municipal clerk as soon as they receive it in order to have this protection in place prior to election day. 


More information about confidential electors may be found by viewing the Confidential Voters Information Provided by the Wisconsin Elections Commission or visiting the Wisconsin Elections Commission webpage at