OCVS Grant Programs

The Office of Crime Victim Services manages and administers a number of federal grant programs and state funding streams. 


Grant Opportunities

OCVS Grants and Training Team Strategic Plan 2021-2024 - PDF

The 2021 OCVS strategic plan is designed to direct the work of the unit over the next 3 years. The plan is victim-centered, with a special focus on working in partnership with allied professionals. The strategic plan was developed with a commitment to provide funding that addresses the needs of underserved crime victims, survivors, and communities.


OCVS Grants & Training Updates Bulletin - 2023

January - March 2023


OCVS Grants & Training Updates Bulletin - 2022

January 2022

August 2022

December 2022


OCVS Grants Updates Bulletin - 2021 

January 2021

September 2021


OCVS Grants Updates Bulletin - 2020 

July/August/September 2020

April/May/June 2020

Emergency Bulletin: COVID-19 March 2020 Posted: 3/18/2020 4:15 pm

January/February/March 2020  Posted: 4/10/2020 3:42 pm


OCVS Grants Updates Bulletin - 2019  

January/February 2019

March/April 2019

May/June/July 2019

August/September 2019

October/November/December 2019


OCVS Grants Updates Bulletin - 2018

January 2018

March 2018

May 2018

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November 2018 


OCVS Online Curriculum

Recorded Training Materials for CVC/SAFE Fund and Crime Victim Rights.

Complete the post test after viewing the required recorded training materials.


Egrants Login

How to Enter Fiscal Reports in Egrants

How to Certify Fiscal Reports in Egrants

How to add Personnel and Employee Benefits using Contacts

How to create a Modification in Egrants

How to submit a Program Report in Egrants

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How to Create a Fiscal Report

How to Change the Project Director, Financial Officer, Alternate Contact, and Signing Official

Egrants Modifications 101

Navigating Egrants 


Orientation Recording and Materials:  

Orientation PowerPoint 

Click the following link to view the recording from 2/17/21: https://youtu.be/yMA_C_ryhJU


Discrimination Policies for External Parties

WI DOJDiscrimination Policy & Complaint Process

WI DOJ Complaint Process & Form for External Persons

OCVS Discrimination & Complaint Process


Sustainability Planning Series - Training for OCVS Grant Recipients  

Week 1: Introduction to Sustainability Planning Webinar

Materials -  Sustainability Planning Webinar Week 1 - PPT

Week 2: Resource Development Webinar

Materials - Sustainability Planning Webinar Week 2 - PPT

                    Resource Development Sources and Strategies Checklist

                    WI Sustainability Webinar Series Week 2 Reading

                    WI Sustainability Webinar Series Week 2 Resources List

Week 3: Strategic Planning and Organizational Capacity Webinar

Materials -  Sustainability Planning Webinar Week 3 - PPT

                    WI Sustainability Handout - CNCS Organization Assessment Tool - PDF

                     WI Sustainability Webinar Series Week 3 Reading

                    WI Sustainability Webinar Series Week 3 Resources List

Week 4: Sustaining Your Program’s Capacity to Serve the Community Webinar

Materials -  Sustainability Planning Webinar Week 2 - PPT

                    WI Sustainability Webinar Series Week 4 Reading

                    WI Sustainability Webinar Series Week 4 Resources List


                    Building Your Sustainability Toolkit

                    CNCS Organization Assessment Tool

                    Resource Development Plan

                     Sustainability Resource List

                     Sustainability Planning - Domain Action Steps


OCVS Victim Services Needs Assessment 2020

In early 2020, OCVS started to work with a consultant to create a Statewide Victim Services Needs Assessment, which is comprised of a survey to victim service providers in Wisconsin, and a series of survivor focus groups.  OCVS is reviewing and evaluating the recommendations and will coordinate with internal and external partners as we move forward.


Needs Assessment Survey Results – Executive Summary

Needs Assessment - Crime Victims' Perspectives Brief

WI Crime Victim Service Needs Assessment - Final Report


COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 OCVS Grants Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) *UPDATED 4/28/2020

Crime Victim Rights Board (CVRB) Statement - Victims' Rights During COVID-19 Temporary Procedures  4/3/2020

Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault (WCASA) COVID-19 Resource Page 

End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin (End Abuse) COVID-19 Resource Page 

National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) COVID -19 Resource Page

National Resource Center for Reaching Victims COVID - 19 Resource Page

Hmong Covid-19 Video from NYOB ZOO MKE TV  4/23/2020


OCVS Grants Team

Teresa Nienow - Director of Grant Programs & Training

Justin Wartzenluft - OCVS Victim Services Grants Supervisor

Ashley Welak - OCVS Grants Specialist

Claudia Saavedra - OCVS Financial Grants Specialist

Courtney Watson - OCVS Grants Specialist /SAFE Fund Administrator

Leah Varnadoe - OCVS Grants Support Specialist

Lynn Cook -  CJA Program and Policy Analyst

Mary Colletti - OCVS Grants Specialist

Michelle Bailey - OCVS Grants Specialist

Tanya Herranz - OCVS Financial Grants Specialist



OCVS Grants Subgrantees by Grant Specialist List - Updated 4/17/2023