Crime Victims Rights Board

The Crime Victims Rights Board (CVRB) operates by authority of Wis. Stat. Chapter 950.09 to review and investigate complaints filed by victims of crime regarding their crime victim rights.  By statute, it is attached to the Department of Justice for administrative purposes (the Department assigns staff to provide operations and investigative assistance and legal counsel) however, it is an independent quasi-judicial body and its actions are not subject to review or approval of the attorney general.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Wisconsin Crime Victims Rights Board, as an independent quasi-judicial body, is to enforce the provision of crime victims' rights by:


  • Reviewing complaints
  • Imposing remedies for violations
  • Producing reports that identify victims' rights issues
  • Recommending best practices for providing services to crime victims and protecting their rights.


WisconsinEye Video: Legally Speaking - Crime Victims' Rights Board


Statutory Authority and Structure

The Board has authority to review complaints filed by victims of crime alleging a violation of statutory or constitutional victims’ rights  by a public official, employee or agency.  The Board may issue private or public reprimands for violations, seek appropriate equitable relief on behalf of a victim (but it may not seek to reverse, appeal or modify a judgment of conviction); bring a civil action to assess a forfeiture of up to $1000 for an intentional violation; and it may issue reports and recommendations concerning the provision of victims’ rights and services.  The Board may also refer cases involving an alleged violation by a judge to the Judicial Commission.


CVRB Case Statistics 1999 - 2018


Current Appointees

The Board consists of five members who are appointed for 4-year terms

Appointee Appointing Authority Seat Held Term Expires
Jen Dunn Attorney General County Provider of Victim/Witness Services May 1, 2019
Tim Gruenke, Chair Wisconsin District Attorney's Association District Attorney May 1, 2021
 VACANT Wisconsin Crime Victims Council Citizen  May 1, 2020
Rebecca Rapp Governor Citizen  May 1, 2019

Sheriff Paul


Attorney General Local Law Enforcement May 1, 2021


CVRB Reports &​ Recommendations


Reports & Recommendations through 2018



DOJ Sample Victim Information Form for Law Enforcement Compliance with Chapter 950

A Compilation of Best Practice Recommendations Issued by the CVRB 1999 - March 2011

Special Report: Duty of Law Enforcement to Provide Written Information to Victims

Special Report: A Victim’s Right to a Speedy Disposition

Frequently Asked Questions About the Board


Wisconsin Victims Rights Law

Administrative Rules: Crime Victims' Rights Board [PDF]

Child victims and witnesses; duty to expedite proceedings: 971.105

Consultation With and Notices to Victim: 971.095
Crime Victim Compensation : Wis. Stat. Chapter 949
Exclusion of Witnesses: 906.15
Inquiry Before a Plea 971.08(1)(d)
Inquiry upon dismissal 971.315
Pre-sentence investigation 972.15
Restitution 973.20

Speedy Trial 971.10

Statements before sentencing 972.14

Waiting area for victims and witnesses 967.10


Staff to Board

By statute, the CVRB is attached to the Department of Justice for administrative purposes.  The following DOJ staff are assigned to ensure the CVRB can carry out its statutory duties.


CVRB Operations Director:  Julie A. Braun

CVRB Legal Counsel:  Assistant Attorney General Maura Whelan


Executive Assistant:  Amy Ulrich


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