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Correspondence to the CVRB can be mailed to:


Wisconsin CVRB
17 West Main Street
Madison, WI 53703 




The Wisconsin Crime Victims Rights Board (CVRB) is the state's victim rights enforcement body.  The CVRB is an independent, fact-finding body with legislative authority to issue sanctions for violations of statutory or constitutional victim rights by public officials, agencies or employees.


Statutory Authority


The Crime Victims Rights Board (CVRB) is an independent quasi-judicial body that operates by authority of Wis. Stat. Chapter 950.09and Wisconsin Administrative Code CVRB 1 to: 


  • Review complaints regarding possible violations of the rights of crime victims by  public officials, employees or agencies.


  • Issue written probable cause determinations as to whether violations probably were or are being committed as alleged in complaints.


  • After findings of probable cause, conduct  investigations and/or hold evidentiary hearings, as needed, to determine whether violations occurred.


  • Issue written final decisions concerning reviewed cases. (Judicial review of a CVRB final decision is governed by Wis. Stats. ss. 227.52 to 227.59.) 


  • Issue sanctions for violations of Wis. Stat. Chapters 950 and 938 and Article I, Section 9m of the Wisconsin Constitution.


  • Issue reports and recommendations concerning the securing and provision of victims' rights and services.





The CVRB was created with a limited administrative attachment to the Department of Justice, meaning DOJ provides operational support but the actions of the Board are not subject to the review or approval of the attorney general.  The following staff are assigned by DOJ to support CVRB operations as needed:


  • Operations Director:   Responsible for the executive management functions of the CVRB and ensuring that procedures protect the interests of all parties involved in a formal review.  The director is the CVRB's designee to conduct investigations pursuant to Wis. Admin. Code CVRB 1.03 and 1.06 and serves as the CVRB public information officer, public records official, and liaison to appointing authorities. 


  • CVRB Executive Assistant:  Provides confidential executive administrative assistance to the director.


  • CVRB Counsel: Provides legal advice and services to the CVRB as needed, including representation on CVRB cases and appeals. 
  • Correspondence for the CVRB can be mailed to: 

CVRB Operations Director

Wisconsin Department of Justice

17 West Main Street

Madison, WI 53707 


WisconsinEye Program About the CVRB Process: Legally Speaking - Crime Victims' Rights Board



Statutory Powers


Sanctions & Remedies   


Based on its review of a complaint the CVRB may do any of the following:


  • Issue private and public reprimands of public officials, employees or agencies that violate the rights of crime victims provided under Wis. Stat. Chapters 950 and 938 and Article I, Section 9m of the Wisconsin Constitution.


  • Refer to the Judicial Commission a violation or alleged violation by a judge of the rights of crime victims provided under Wis. Stat. Chapters 950 and 938 and Article I, Section 9m of the Wisconsin Constitution.


  • Seek equitable relief on behalf of a victim if such relief is necessary to protect the rights of the victim.  (The CVRB may not seek to appeal, reverse or modify a judgment of conviction or sentence in a criminal case.)


  • Bring civil actions to assess a forfeiture under s. 950.11 for an intentional violation.  (Forfeiture monies are distributed to the state Common School Fund.)


Decisions & Reports


  • Written final decisions are issued at the conclusion of a case review and when the Board has determined there is not probable cause for further review.  Parties can seek an appeal of CVRB final decisions in circuit court.   


  • The CVRB often issues reports and recommendations concerning the securing and provision of crime victim rights and services. These can be issued as a remedy in a case or separate from a case review.  Reports & Recommendations are written without identifying information and are intended to serve a broad remedial purpose by sharing lessons learned in case reviews.


Read CVRB Decisions and Reports




Current Appointees


The Board consists of five members who are appointed to staggered 4-year terms by multiple appointing authorities.  At the end of each 4-year term, an appointee continues to serve into the next term until such time as the appointing authority reappoints them or appoints a new member to the seat. As of April 2024:

Appointee Appointed By: Designated Seat:

Current Term End Date:

Jen Dunn

Attorney General

County Provider of

Victim/Witness Services

May 1, 2027

Adam Gerol

WI District Attorney's Association District Attorney May 1, 2025

Stephanie Mock

Governor Citizen  May 1, 2027
Vacant Wisconsin Crime Victims Council Citizen  May 1, 2028

Chief Andre Sayles

Attorney General Local Law Enforcement May 1, 2025


Links to Wisconsin Victims Rights Law


Administrative Rules: Crime Victims' Rights Board 

Child victims and witnesses; duty to expedite proceedings: 971.105

Consultation With and Notices to Victim: 971.095
Crime Victim Compensation : Wis. Stat. Chapter 949
Exclusion of Witnesses: 906.15
Inquiry Before a Plea 971.08(1)(d)
Inquiry upon dismissal 971.315
Pre-sentence investigation 972.15
Restitution 973.20

Statements before sentencing 972.14

Waiting area for victims and witnesses 967.10