Customer Information

Simplified Report Information


The Wisconsin State Crime Laboratories scoped areas only are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017, “General requirements for the competency of testing and calibrations laboratories.” These standards allow for simplified reporting based upon a written agreement with our customers.  The Crime Laboratories choose simplified reporting to improve readability and avoid misunderstandings. WSCL reports reflect accreditation only as specified by the Scope of Accreditation. WSCL reports provided by areas outside the Scope of Accreditation are not accredited.


By using the Transmittal of Criminal Evidence form to request evidence testing the customer agrees to receive simplified reports.  More information about the reporting elements are outlined here.  



Wisconsin Statutes and Regulatory Requirements


Many Wisconsin statutes directly affect the Wisconsin State Crime Laboratories (WSCL). If in conflict with accreditation standards or lab requirements, the Wisconsin statutes supersede the standards or requirements. Some pertinent links of statutory/regulatory requirements that affect WSCL operations are outlined here.