Evidence Submission Information


The Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory Bureau (WSCLB) is part of the Division of Law Enforcement Services within the Wisconsin Department of Justice. To support the state, there are three separate service areas: Madison, Milwaukee, and Wausau. Both the Milwaukee and Madison laboratories are full service laboratories providing DNA Analysis while the Wausau laboratory offers limited services at this time. In total, there are ten disciplines practiced at varying levels throughout the state.  The service of questioned documents and handwriting analysis as well as tire track impression are no longer provided by the WSCLB.


Services at the WSCLB are available without charge to all authorized submitters.  By extension, this includes a member of an authorized agency acting within the scope of their employment.  If you are uncertain if you are an authorized submitter please contact the WSCLB.  


The WSCLB reserves the right to and may decline any matter that does not involve a felony charge.  Whether or not it ultimately accepts a case, the WSCLB is available for consultation. If in doubt, criminal justice providers are urged to contact the WSCLB for advice.  The WSCLB is open Monday through Friday, 7:45 am to 4:30 pm, except federal holidays. After-hour services are available via crime scene response teams dispatched from the Madison, Milwaukee, and Wausau Crime Laboratories.


Evidence Submission Information for Criminal Defense


Upon court order, the services of the WSCLB are available at no cost to a defendant in a felony action. Results are confidential to the defense.  Often, the items to be examined are in the custody of a police agency. While the agency may be directed to act as courier to deliver and retrieve items after analysis, results will not be discussed with them.


The WSCLB does not provide services for civil cases.


Physical Evidence Handbook and Guidelines


The WSCLB has published the 8th Edition of the Physical Evidence Handbook on the public side of WILEnet.  Additionally, the WSCLB has put together more condensed references for Evidence Do's and Dont's.  Additional references and Submission Guidelines are located on the Evidence Submission Guideline Tab.


As of May 01, 2019 the WSCLB has issued a guidance letter that is specific to Toxicology Evidence Submissions.  For more information please see this announcement.  


As of July 17, 2017 the WSCLB will permit law enforcement officers to perform their own field tests at the WSCLB.  For more information please see this announcement.




To submit evidence to the WSCLB complete the transmittal form.  To request video processing by the imaging unit please fill out this additional form.   When requesting DNA analysis please complete this additional Questionnaire  and include with the submission of evidence.


Evidence Caseload and Case Type


In total, over 13,000 cases submitted to the WSCLB in 2016.  The case intake was split relatively even across the three Bureau locations with the two full service laboratories having slightly more submissions.  The data in the graph below is based upon the offense code assigned to each case in the Laboratory Information Management System (BEAST).  The types of cases submitted to each laboratory vary; for instance Controlled Substance cases account for over 70% of the cases received at the Wausau Laboratory.  Case types included in the Other category include Weapon Seizures, DWI, Other Assaults, and Miscellaneous.