Attorney Employment Opportunities

Woman Attorney in Law Library

Within the Department of Justice, attorneys are referred to as "Assistant Attorneys General." These positions perform a variety of legal services, through counsel and representation, to the Legislature, Governor, state agencies, corporation counsel, and district attorneys; provide enforcement of statutes under the Attorney General's jurisdiction; conduct legal research; draft legal documents; develop formal and informal opinions; and present/argue cases in state and federal courts and before administrative agencies. Attorneys are assigned to one of the following units that specialize in different substantive areas of law:


Depending on the needs of the Department, recruitment may be focused either at an "experienced level" or at a more basic "entry level". Candidates for any Attorney position must possess a law degree from an accredited law school and be eligible to practice law in the State of Wisconsin.


Starting salary is typically between $70,720 and $112,320 dependent on the candidate's background, training, and experience.


To view current vacancies at the Wisconsin Department of Justice please visit  For more information regarding DOJ's fringe benefits, view the Employee Trust Funds Website