With Marsy’s Law in Effect, DOJ Highlights Resources for Crime Victims and Advocates

May 19 2020

MADISON, Wis. – With the recent passage of Marsy’s Law, which amended Article I, Section 9m, of the Wisconsin Constitution, the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) is highlighting available resources for crime victims and victim advocates.


“The Wisconsin Department of Justice is working with partners throughout the state who are implementing the rights included in Marsy’s Law,” said Attorney General Josh Kaul. “DOJ’s Office of Crime Victim Services is available to assist crime victims and advocates.”


Toll-Free Phone Line

Crime victims may get answers to questions by calling 1-800-446-6564 on weekdays from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Victim & Witness Rights

Information regarding victim and witness rights can be found at https://www.doj.state.wi.us/ocvs/victim-rights/victim-witness-rights.


Information and Resources for Navigating the Criminal Justice Process

Information and links to resources that can assist victims of crime, as well as their friends and family members, as they navigate the criminal justice process are available at https://www.doj.state.wi.us/ocvs/specialized-resources/information-victims-families.


Safe at Home – Wisconsin’s Address Confidentiality Program

Information about Wisconsin’s address confidentiality program for victims of acts or threats of abuse or for those who fear for their safety is available at https://www.doj.state.wi.us/ocvs/safe-home.


Local Crime Victim Resources

Find services in your county: https://www.doj.state.wi.us/ocvs/find-local-crime-victim-resources.


For more information, please contact DOJ’s Office of Crime Victim Services at 1-800-446-6564 or https://www.doj.state.wi.us/ocvs.