Treatment Alternatives and Diversion Program

Treatment Alternatives and Diversion (TAD) programs provide District Attorneys or judges with options to offer offenders the opportunity to enter into voluntary substance abuse treatment, case management, and other risk reduction services as a safe alternative to jail or prison confinement.


Diverting non-violent offenders into substance abuse treatment keeps them out of jail and correctional facilities – thereby saving bed space and taxpayer dollars – as well as treating the underlying addiction that may have influenced the commission of a crime or may contribute to future criminal behavior. To successfully graduate from a TAD program, an offender must be abstinent from substances.



Treatment Alternatives and Diversion Program Map


Ashland and Bayfield Counties use grant funds to support project activities related to bail diversion, deferred prosecution and deferred entry of judgment, risk reduction treatment court, alternatives to revocation and day reporting.  Both the Red Cliff and Bad River Tribes are involved in this project that promotes wide-scale system improvement throughout the justice system.  The Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils in both counties are actively involved in the operation of this project.


Burnett and Washburn Counties, in conjunction with the St. Croix tribe, use grant funds to operate two separate drug courts that focus on offenders involved in drug-motivated crimes, OWI 4th or higher, offenders participating as an alternative to revocations of probations/parole, and offenders needing long-term treatment.


Dane County’s pre-trial bail diversion program uses an early system of assessment to divert low to moderate risk AODA offenders into treatment as soon as possible after their initial court appearance.


Rock County’s drug court primarily serves offenders charged with drug-related offenses, and collaborates with local programs for AODA treatment, education, and employment services. Referrals to the program are made by the Courts and DOC.


Milwaukee County’s pre-trial diversion program focuses on offenders who have substance abuse or co-occurring mental health problems and uses either pre-trial diversion or deferred prosecution. Successful completion results in dismissal or reduction of the charges.


Washington County’s diversion program targets offenders charged with a second or third offense OWI, and offenders on probation or parole supervision.


Wood County adult drug treatment court focuses on moderate to high risk offenders with drug dependency issues.