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Responses to Open Government Correspondence

The Wisconsin Open Meetings Law and the Wisconsin Public Records Law both provide that any person may request advice from the Attorney General as to the applicability of those laws under any circumstances. Such requests often come in the form of written correspondence. Below are responses provided by DOJ’s Office of Open Government to such requests. The responses will be updated on this website on a quarterly basis. Each quarterly batch includes a subject matter index.


2017 4th Quarter Correspondence

2017 3rd Quarter Correspondence

2017 2nd Quarter Correspondence

2017 1st Quarter Correspondence

2016 4th Quarter Correspondence

2016 3rd Quarter Correspondence

2016 2nd Quarter Correspondence

2016 1st Quarter Correspondence

2015 4th Quarter Correspondence

Answer: The Wisconsin Open Meetings Law acknowledges the public is entitled to the fullest and most complete information...

Answer: The short answer is not necessarily. Confidentiality notices, are common, especially in the legal profession. Here...