Attorney General Kaul Moves for Final Judgment in Abortion Case

Aug 7 2023

In Filing Motion for Judgment, AG Kaul Requests Decision from Court


MADISON, Wis. –Attorney General Josh Kaul today filed a motion and brief asking the Dane County Circuit Court to enter final judgment confirming what the court already recognized in its July ruling: that Wis. Stat. § 940.04 does not criminalize abortion.


“Women should not be denied the freedom to make fundamental reproductive health-care decisions,” said Attorney General Kaul. “Our filing today marks another important step in our fight to protect the freedom and safety of women in Wisconsin.”

While the decision is ultimately up to the court, Attorney General Kaul has asked the judge to decide the motion without further oral argument after the expedited briefing is completed. A decision by the judge in the State Plaintiffs’ favor would be the circuit court’s final and binding decision, subject to any appeal to a higher court.