Attorney General Josh Kaul Delivers Inaugural Remarks

Jan 3 2023

MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul today delivered remarks after being sworn in for a second term as Wisconsin’s attorney general. Those remarks as prepared are as follows:


Thank you. Thank you to my family, to those in attendance today, and to all Wisconsinites.


I could not be prouder to serve as your attorney general, standing up for the people of this great state.


Wisconsinites are makers, innovators, builders, problem-solvers. We care about our families, our friends, and our communities.


Wisconsin is a place where people know how to roll up their sleeves and get things done. It’s a place where people live the values we teach our kids.


Four years ago, we gathered in this incredible rotunda and marked a change of direction for our state. Nobody could have imagined then what lay ahead. But as challenges arose, we persevered. Our democracy held. Wisconsinites kept our state moving forward.


Now, some have described Wisconsin as divided or polarized. But let’s not mistake close elections for polarization. Let’s not confuse divided government with a divided state. Because the reality is that there is so much that unites us and that provides a solid foundation for progress.


In rural, suburban, and urban communities—in our biggest cities and small towns alike—Wisconsinites want their families to be safe from crime, want their kids to go to good schools, want to be safe drinking the water from the tap, want health care to be accessible and affordable, and don’t want our freedoms to be taken away.


Over the course of our history, Wisconsin has been a leader. And it’s time for us to lead the way again.


In the shadow of a pandemic and an insurrection, we can light a new path. We can cast divide-and-conquer politics aside and commit to finding common ground for the common good of Wisconsinites. We can reject election denialism and instead work to ensure not only that our democracy remains vibrant but that it is strengthened for future generations.


No doubt, we’ll face more unexpected challenges over the next four years. But by working together for the best interests of Wisconsinites, we can make our communities safer. We can help build a stronger future for all. 


So, let’s build upon the common ground we share. Let’s show what we can achieve when we unite to make progress. And let’s ensure that this great state continues moving forward.


Thank you.