AG Schimel Seeks Stay on Order to Redraw Assembly Districts Map

May 22 2017

MADISON, Wis. – Attorney General Brad Schimel announced today his decision to ask the United States Supreme Court for an immediate stay of the pending order in the redistricting litigation. If granted, the stay would put a hold on the order in Gill v. Whitford, which requires the Wisconsin Legislature to redraw district maps by November 1, 2017.


“Wisconsin should not be required to invest the considerable time, effort, and taxpayer resources required to redraw district maps, especially when the case is likely to be reversed,” said Attorney General Schimel. “Defending Wisconsin state law is a core duty of the Attorney General, especially a law like this, which is critical to how we choose representatives here in Wisconsin.” Attorney General Schimel continued: “Our maps are lawful and constitutional under any standard, and a stay is vital to avoiding any unnecessary and significant burdens for Wisconsin.”


On November 21, 2016, a three-judge panel sitting in the United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin issued a decision invalidating Wisconsin’s Assembly districts. Attorney General Schimel represented the members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission in that case. The three-judge panel also ordered the Wisconsin Legislature to redraw the Assembly districts map by November 1, 2017. Attorney General Schimel appealed the panel’s decision to the United States Supreme Court.


The State currently awaits the Court’s decision on the stay and whether to “note probable jurisdiction.”


The case is being handled by the Office of the Solicitor General.


Relevant court filings are attached.