AG Schimel Awards Nearly $4 Million in School Safety Grant Funding; Holds School Safety Training On Standard Emergency Response Protocol

Sep 20 2018

MANITOWOC, Wis. – Attorney General Brad Schimel today announced 66 schools and school districts will receive $3,969,793 from the second round of the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) School Safety Grant program, which focuses on advanced initiatives to bolster student mental health. Attorney General Schimel announced the grant awards at a school safety “train the trainer” course on a standard emergency response protocol at Manitowoc Public School District.


“During a summer where many schools were literally swamped with flooding and getting ready for the first day of school, school officials quickly submitted their applications, to prioritize mental health support for students,” said Attorney General Schimel. “The Office of School Safety is doing the same. Only three weeks ago, the deadline closed for more grant applications, and we are already awarding grants ahead of schedule. By Halloween, the Office of School Safety will have hosted nine school safety trainings, and we look forward to holding more trainings with schools across the state.”


The training at Manitowoc Public School District was led by John-Michael Keyes, founder of the “I Love U Guys” Foundation. Keyes started the organization after his daughter was killed in a school shooting in Colorado in 2006. He and his wife Ellen have dedicated themselves to advancing school safety.


Keyes’ eight-hour “train the trainer” course focuses on establishing protocols and standardizing vocabulary in order to establish uniform classroom responses, which have been found to be necessary after critical incidents at schools The training was attended by nearly 30 school officials and law enforcement officers from across the state, who will each now be able to provide the training in their own communities..


The Office of School Safety has upcoming training events across the state and during America’s Safe Schools Week (Oct. 21 – 27, 2018):


  • Oct. 9: Threat Assessment Team Course at CESA 7 in Green Bay.
  • Oct. 22 - 23: Adolescent Mental Health Training at Madison Police Department Training Center.
  • Oct. 22 - 23: Adolescent Mental Health Training at CESA 7 in Green Bay.
  • Oct. 24 - 25: Adolescent Mental Health Training at CESA 12 in Ashland.
  • Oct. 24 - 25: Adolescent Mental Health Training at Racine Police Department.
  • Oct. 24: Threat Assessment Team Course at Wisconsin Juvenile Officers Association Conference in Wisconsin Dells.
  • Oct. 26: School Safety Law Update from Dr. Bernie James of Pepperdine University in Lake Geneva.
  • Oct. 26: Standard Response Protocol and Standard Reunification Method from John-Michael Keyes in Lake Geneva.


A list of schools and school districts that were awarded round two school safety grants through September 19, 2018, is set forth below. . All grants have been assigned for review by OSS staff, and it is anticipated that this review will be 100% complete in the next two weeks. More grants will be awarded to schools that applied for the second round of grant funding in the near future, but many applications require modification by the applicant. OSS grant specialists are working quickly to help schools and school districts correct any deficient applications, and award the grants as soon as possible. OSS anticipates that it will complete all awards in October, but accomplishing this depends entirely on the ability of applicants to provide additional information or correct errors in their grant application materials. Once a grant application is reviewed and complete, it will be awarded immediately.


The second round of grant funding, utilizing approximately $48 million, will build upon the baseline mental health and physical security improvements made in the first round of grant funding by offering advanced training for teachers on mental health issues. Funds are also available to create local teams of educators, counselors, and law enforcement (called school safety intervention teams, or “SSIT”) that will assess threats and identify students in need of support. Additional physical security upgrades will also be funded. DOJ will announce plans for an estimated $3 million set aside fund in the future, which represents the balance of the $100 million appropriation.


To qualify for the second-round funds, applicants must agree to send 10 percent of full-time teachers and counselors to a DOJ-approved, 12-hour Adolescent Mental Health training by August 31, 2020, and schools may use grant funds to pay expenses incurred (tuition, travel, lodging, meals, substitute teacher pay, etc.). Schools applying must also establish an SSIT based on a model set by the U.S. Secret Service, which will engage in behavior monitoring, threat assessments, and intervention.


Under this second round, grant funding is awarded on a per-student basis, according to student enrollment as reported to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI). Each school or school district that applies will receive an estimated $55.21 per child, but no awardee will receive less than $10,000 nor receive more than $2.5 million, in order to ensure all applicants receive sufficient funding to make meaningful physical security improvements.


In March 2018, the Wisconsin State Legislature and Governor Scott Walker passed and signed 2017 Wisconsin 143 into law, establishing the OSS and providing $100 million for school safety. 723 schools and school districts, 97% of public schools and approximately 40% of private schools statewide, applied for the first round of funds, and all schools that completed the application process have now received an award.


For more information on DOJ’s Office of School Safety, please visit:


List of schools awarded round two grants up until September 19, 2018:


  • Abundant Life Christian School (Madison), $12,788, Awarded 9/11/2018;
  • Alma School District, $13,361, Awarded 9/17/2018;
  • Assumption Catholic Schools (Wisconsin Rapids), $22,194, Awarded 9/18/2018;
  • Athens School District, $23,023, Awarded 9/11/2018;
  • Barneveld School District, $24,829, Awarded 9/11/2018;
  • Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran School (Menomonee Falls), $9,973, Awarded 9/12/2018;
  • Bristol #1 School District, $31,478, Awarded 9/13/2018;
  • Brodhead School District, $54,479, Awarded 9/14/2018;
  • Bruce School District, $24,182, Awarded 9/12/2018;
  • Colby School District, $49,707, Awarded 9/11/2018;
  • Columbus Catholic Schools (Marshfield), $27,429, Awarded 9/12/2018;
  • Cornell School District, $21,642, Awarded 9/13/2018;
  • Darlington Community School District, $45,162, Awarded 9/12/2018;
  • Divine Savior Catholic School (Kiel), $5,508, Awarded 9/17/2018;
  • Dodgeland School District, $43,448, Awarded 9/12/2018;
  • Durand-Arkansaw School District, $36,490, Awarded 9/13/2018;
  • Eastbrook Academy (Eastbrook), $18,757, Awarded 9/17/2018;
  • Elk Mound Area School District, $66,583, Awarded 9/12/2018;
  • Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah School District, $23,358, Awarded 9/14/2018;
  • Fox Valley Lutheran High (Appleton), $34,120, Awarded 9/17/2018;
  • Franklin Public School District, $255,181, Awarded 9/13/2018;
  • Good Shepherd Lutheran School (East Troy), $10,000, Awarded 9/14/2018;
  • Grafton School District, $117,487, Awarded 9/12/2018;
  • Greenwood School District, $21,355, Awarded 9/18/2018;
  • Gresham School District, $16,563, Awarded 9/17/2018;
  • Hamilton School District (Sussex), $269,480, Awarded 9/17/2018;
  • Holy Spirit School (Appleton), $13,629, Awarded 9/12/2018;
  • Kewaskum School District, $100,758, Awarded 9/13/2018;
  • La Casa de Esperanza Charter School (Waukesha), $10,000, Awarded 9/11/2018;
  • La Crosse School District, $365,963, Awarded 9/18/2018;
  • Ladysmith School District, $43,395, Awarded 9/18/2018;
  • Lancaster Community School District, $52,996, Awarded 9/18/2018;
  • Lomira School District, $49,530, Awarded 9/12/2018;
  • Luck School District, $24,676, Awarded 9/17/2018;
  • Mellen School District, $16,453, Awarded 9/13/2018;
  • Menasha Joint School District, $193,872, Awarded 9/13/2018;
  • Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin (Keshena), $55,880, Awarded 9/18/2018;
  • Mercer School District, $10,000, Awarded 9/14/2018;
  • Messmer Catholic Schools (Milwaukee), $90,147, Awarded 9/14/2018;
  • Mondovi School District, $53,885, Awarded 9/13/2018;
  • Monona Grove School District, $190,806, Awarded 9/14/2018;
  • Monticello School District, $18,601, Awarded 9/14/2018;
  • Niagara School District, $24,159, Awarded 9/17/2018;
  • Northern Ozaukee School District, $58,302, Awarded 9/17/2018;
  • Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District, $373,502, Awarded 9/13/2018;
  • Parkview School District (Orfordville), $40,624, Awarded 9/11/2018;
  • Pepin Area School District, $12,337, Awarded 9/17/2018;
  • Platteville School District, $83,926, Awarded 9/18/2018;
  • Richland School District, $73,514, Awarded 9/11/2018;
  • Richmond School District (Sussex), $14,606, Awarded 9/18/2018;
  • Riverdale School District (Muscado), $36,406, Awarded 9/17/2018;
  • Saint Croix Falls School District, $61,006, Awarded 9/17/2018;
  • Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception (Greenville), $9,989, Awarded 9/17/2018;
  • Saint Victor Grade School (Monroe), $10,000, Awarded 9/18/2018;
  • Shawano School District, $106,884, Awarded 9/13/2018;
  • Shullsburg School District, $19,382, Awarded 9/12/2018;
  • Somerset School District, $84,857, Awarded 9/14/2018;
  • South Shore School District, $10,000, Awarded 9/13/2018;
  • St. Mary's School (Tomahawk), $9,944, Awarded 9/11/2018;
  • Stevens Point Christian Academy, $10,000, Awarded 9/12/2018;
  • Trinity Lutheran Grade School (Mequon), $9,808, Awarded 9/18/2018;
  • Valders Area School District, $38,824, Awarded 9/18/2018;
  • Walworth Jt No. 1 Schools, $25,217, Awarded 9/13/2018;
  • Watertown Unified School District, $202,072, Awarded 9/13/2018;
  • Wautoma Area School District, $75,362, Awarded 9/13/2018;
  • Wolf River Lutheran High (Shawano), $9,904, Awarded 9/18/2018.