AG Kaul Statement on Safer At Home Litigation

May 5 2020

MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul released the following statement today regarding the litigation of the Safer at Home order.


 “The Legislature’s lawsuit, which asks for Safer at Home to be struck down, is beyond reckless and endangers the health and security of Wisconsinites,” said Attorney General Kaul. “Although the Legislature asked for a ‘pause’ before the relief it seeks is issued, it is arguing that Safer at Home is invalid right now. Rather than waiting for a rulemaking process that it concedes will take more than a week to play out, the Legislature must act immediately either to extend the emergency declaration or to pass legislation that will help keep Safer at Home in place so Wisconsinites aren’t left without protection from the law in midst of a pandemic that has already taken the lives of hundreds of Wisconsinites and tens of thousands of Americans.


“Instead of prematurely declaring victory, crossing our fingers, and hoping for the best, we must continue working to stamp out the coronavirus with a plan based on input from public health professionals. As we do so, it’s vital that policymakers recognize that fighting the coronavirus doesn’t mean choosing between public health and economic growth. They go hand in hand. For the economy to be fully, successfully, and durably reopened, Wisconsinites must have confidence that they can go to work and shop safely, and we must avoid a resurgence of exponential growth of COVID-19 cases. I hope the Legislature will work constructively with the executive branch to protect the health and wellbeing of Wisconsinites and to ensure that we have the resources in place that will allow for the reopening of the economy be as successfully as possible.”