AG Kaul Issues Statement on Wisconsin Supreme Court Redistricting Decision

Nov 30 2021

MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul issued the following statement today regarding the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s decision on Wisconsin’s redistricting maps.


“Today’s decision strikes a major blow to our freedom—our freedom to choose our legislative leaders, to obtain changes to legislative policy, and to cast meaningful ballots for state legislative elections.


“It almost certainly ends all hope for anything remotely resembling fair maps in Wisconsin for at least the next decade—and quite possibly much longer. For a court to rule that a court-drawn map must be based on an extreme partisan gerrymander is simply stunning.


“Our courts have a solemn obligation to safeguard our democracy. This ruling abandons that vital role. This is a legacy-defining decision for our state supreme court, and it is a dreadful one.”