AG Kaul Issues Statement in Support of Special Session to Repeal 1849 Criminal Abortion Ban

Jun 22 2022

MADISON, Wis. – Today, on the day of the special session called by Governor Evers, Attorney General Josh Kaul called on the legislature to repeal the 19th century law that bans abortion in nearly all cases.


“By repealing Wisconsin’s extreme, 19th century abortion ban, the legislature can protect women’s health. It can ensure that women don’t lose the freedom to make fundamental decisions about their lives.


“If the legislature fails to act today, access to safe and legal abortion in Wisconsin will very likely be lost—at least temporarily, and possibly for much longer. There will also likely be widespread uncertainty about the state of the law as people try to decipher whether, and if so how, an archaic and long-dormant 19th century law would apply to 21st century medicine.


“The legislature should act today to repeal Wisconsin’s 19th century abortion ban. Women—not politicians—should have the power to make decisions about their future.”