Service of Process

The Attorney General will accept electronic service in certain, limited types of cases. Service in the types of cases listed below can be achieved by emailing a copy of the relevant documents to the email address listed. There is no need to serve paper copies.



Service of complaints seeking to foreclosure on a mortgage where a Wisconsin state agency is named as a defendant solely due to an interest in the subject property can be made by emailing the documents to


Wis. Stat. § 806.04(11)

Wisconsin Stat. § 806.04(11) provides that the Attorney General shall be served “[i]f a statute, ordinance or franchise is alleged to be unconstitutional, or to be in violation of or preempted by federal law, or if the construction or validity of a statute is otherwise challenged.” Service on the Attorney General for these types of cases can be made by emailing the relevant documents to


Safe at Home

All legal documents to be served to the Wisconsin Department of Justice on behalf of a Safe at Home participant can be emailed to, Attn: SAFE AT HOME SERVICE OF PROCESS


For the types of cases noted above, documents will be deemed served on the date they are emailed to the appropriate email address.  


If you have questions, please send an email to the appropriate email address listed above.