Division of Management Services

The Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) employs individuals in a wide array of job categories including attorneys, forensic scientists, Special Agents, information systems specialists, legal secretaries, administrative support staff and paralegals, to name but a few. We are predominantly located in the heart of the capital city of Madison, but also have staff assigned to: crime laboratories located in Madison, Milwaukee and Wausau; and criminal investigative field offices in Madison, Milwaukee, Appleton, Wausau, Superior, and Eau Claire. DOJ fills vacant positions throughout the year. Applications for most positions are only accepted during specific recruitment periods.


Employment Opportunities


Positions which DOJ periodically recruits for include the following:


Special Agent Forensic Scientist Assistant Attorney General  Student Externship & Internship Current Employment Opportunities


The DOJ offers many fringe benefits in addition to competitive pay for permanent, civil service positions. Applicants for these permanent positions must participate in some type of job-related screening process that will measure qualifications to perform the job. The screening methodology will depend on the type of job being filled. The screening may consist of one or more of the following: a rating of your training and experience, a written examination (essay or multiple-choice), a performance test or an oral examination. The specific screening and application processes to be used are always identified in the recruitment announcement for the position. The Department also has opportunities for temporary employment. These temporary positions, referred to as Limited Term Employment (LTE) jobs, are limited to 1043 hours in a year and may be either full-time or part-time. No benefits are paid, but an LTE job may provide valuable work experience and an opportunity to explore different types of employment at DOJ. For information on job openings and to request automatic email notifications about DOJ opportunities, visit Wisc.Jobs. To set up an email notification: enter your search criteria and click search. When your results appear, click 'log in to save this search' toward the upper right corner and follow the instructions.