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Within the Department of Justice, Forensic Scientists are employed within one of three Crime Laboratories - in Madison, Milwaukee, and Wausau. These positions perform highly specialized forensic scientific testing, analysis and research work in one or more of the following areas of specialization for the purpose of analyzing and identifying materials, substances, chemicals, objects, devices, tools, machines and individuals connected to felony criminal investigations:


  • Controlled Substance Analysis
  • Firearm and Toolmark Examination
  • Imaging
  • Fingerprint & Footwear Examination
  • DNA Analysis
  • DNA Databank
  • Toxicology
  • Trace Evidence Analysis


Woman Scientist in lab


For more complete information on the requirements of the position, download our brochure: Careers in Forensic Science [PDF]. Depending on the needs of the laboratories, recruitment may be focused either at the Senior and/or Advanced levels (experienced levels) or at the entry/developmental level. Qualifications vary among the different disciplines and are reviewed and set during the initial phase of the recruitment effort.

Current Salary Information


Forensic Scientist
  Hourly Monthly Yearly
Minimum $17.072 $2,974 $35,647
Point A $17.877 $3,239 $37,327
Point B $18.801 $3,272 $39,257
Point C $19.723 $3,432 $41,181
Point D $20.648 $3,593 $43,114
Point E $21.569 $3,753 $45,037



The Forensic Scientist is an entry-level position in a progression series with scheduled pay increases provided based on satisfactory performance. The series provides career advancement to the Forensic Scientist - senior-level.

Forensic Scientist - Senior
  Hourly Monthly Yearly
Minimum $22.247 $3,871 $46,452
Appointment Maximum $36.708 $6,388 $76,647



A lengthened probationary period up to 12 months will be required. Must have satisfactory job performance.



Overtime will be compensated primarily in the form of compensatory time off.

See Employee Benefits for information on fringe benefits provided to State employees To receive an e-mail notification when positions are posted with the Department of Justice, go to www.wisc.jobs and complete a job search.

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