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CCW: What’s New


Permanent Rules 06/01/2013


On June 1, 2013 the Department of Justice's permanent rules for the Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) license program became effective. 


A copy of the permanent rules is available here: CCW Permanent Rules


What's new in the Permanent Rules:

  • 17.03(7)
    • Refines the definition of "firearms safety or training course" by including instruction in safe firearm and ammunition use, handling, transport, and storage; legally permissible possession, transportation, and use of firearms, including the use of deadly force; and techniques for avoiding and controlling violent confrontations. 
    • The certificate or affidavit must also include evidence that the course completed was a firearms safety or training course as defined in Jus 17.03(7).  Sufficient evidence consists of one of the following:
      • A signed statement by the instructor who taught the firearms safety and training course affirming that the course met the specifications as defined in Jus 17.03(7).
      • Information on the certificate or affidavit sufficient to establish that the course met the specifications as defined in Jus. 17.03(7).  The department has provided a model training certificate for this purpose.

        Model Certificate

      • A signed statement by the applicant that the course met the specifications as defined in Jus 17.03(7), see question #17 on the application

  • 17.03(8)
    • Limits instructor led classes to an instructor-student ratio of no more than 50 students per instructor.
  • 17.05(2)(a)
    • Adds language requirements to the training certificate or affidavit to indicate the training required in 17.03(7) was provided. 
  • 17.06(3)(b)
    • Adds language to allow DOJ to revoke a DOJ instructors certification under certain conditions.
  • 17.08(1) & 17.08(1)
    • Require that change of address notifications be submitted on DOJ provided form DJ-LE-285.
  • 17.08(2) & 18.7(2)
    • Require that name changes be submitted on DOJ provided form DJ-LE-293.