Top Cops: Elm Grove Police Officers use EMT skills to save a life

Today's Top Cops come from the Village of Elm Grove Police Department. Police Chief James Gage commended Police Lt. Jason Kubiak and Police Officer Philip Doney by sharing this story:


"As a condition of employment with the Village of Elm Grove, all sworn officers are required to maintain certification as Emergency Medical Technicians. As a result, we are one of the few remaining police agencies in the State of Wisconsin that require this high level of emergency medical training, beyond the standard recruit school medical training. All of our officers are required to respond and provide care on all ambulance requests as if they were an ambulance attendant and as a result, lifesaving incidents stemming from ambulance requests are not generally recognized by our current awards policy.


Having said this, I am extending my sincere appreciation for a job well done during a suicide attempt on October 12, 2015. This was a particularly challenging call, since the subject had inflicted severe wounds to his wrists and neck, causing excessive blood loss."


These two officers immediately recognized the need for combat level medical interventions of tourniquets and hemostatic agents. Without those interventions, the patient would have most certainly died at the scene. The patient has made a full physical recovery and is receiving counseling. Chief Gage described this event as one of the worst scenes he has ever seen where the person survived such serious injuries. That makes these Elm Grove Police Officers Top Cops.