Top Cop: Potosi Chief Steve Alexander

Today's "Top Cop's Top Cop" comes to us from another Top Cop - Grant County Sheriff Nate Dreckman. He thought Potosi Police Chief Steve Alexander deserved some recognition after 40 years in law enforcement. So do we. Here's what Sheriff Dreckman had to say about his colleague:


"Potosi Police Chief Steve Alexander retired after over 33 years as Chief and 40 years total in Law Enforcement.  Chief Alexander has been a figure of stability for the villages of Potosi and Tennyson during the 33 years of service as their Chief (he has an additional seven years with the Sheriff’s Office here in Grant County).   During that time, local law enforcement officers have looked up to Chief Alexander, as we all admired his commitment to service and the community he served.  Chief Alexander could be called upon at a moment’s notice to handle anything going on within those two villages.  In fact he has handled more than his share of violent crimes, as the Village of Potosi had two tragic murders during his time as Chief, as well as other crimes.  He handled them all with professionalism.


"Chief Alexander is well respected within the community, as he was known to be approachable, fair and consistent in his law enforcement duties. Chief Alexander also dealt with tough times within his own family, as he had a son wounded in combat.  Through it all he has continued to maintain his high level of law enforcement."


We thank Chief Steve Alexander for giving the community 40 years of service, and we wish him well in his retirement.