Top Cop: Pleasant Prairie Police Officer Sanford Severson Saves a Life

Today’s “Top Cop” story was submitted by Pleasant Prairie Police Chief David Smetana. Please read the story below that Chief Smetana shared in his nomination of Officer Sanford Severson for “Top Cop.”


On December 26, 2015 at 8:31 am, a call of an unconscious male was received from a home in the 10500 block of 2nd Avenue. Pleasant Prairie Police Officer Sanford Severson heard the call being dispatched but realized that he was closer to the site of the medical emergency than the police squad that was initially sent and, with his concern for what sounded like a serious medical event, he volunteered to respond to the call. 


Upon arriving at the home, Officer Severson quickly assessed the situation and realized that the unconscious male was now a patient who was no longer breathing and had no pulse.  Officer Severson began a life sustaining CPR protocol and continued to perform CPR compressions and emergency breathing for approximately four minutes until rescue personnel arrived and continued care with the use of an AED and medication to sustain the patient’s circulation.


Pleasant Prairie Fire Rescue personnel advised that the early use of CPR by Officer Severson played a large role in the return of spontaneous circulation to the patient.  Officer Severson is was officially recognized for taking the extraordinary actions to sustain a life through the use of trained lifesaving skills under stressful conditions.  Officer Severson is a highly trained professional who has shown on numerous occasions his concern for the community he serves.        


Attorney General Schimel and the Wisconsin Department of Justice commend Officer Severson for going above and beyond his normal call of duty to make a positive difference in the lives of Pleasant Prairie residents, and in this story, one resident in particular.