Marquette University Cops’ Keen Observation & Quick Action Saves Another Life From Heroin

Marquette Police Department

Top Cops from Marquette University Police Department were keeping a watchful eye on the campus during a routine, afternoon patrol when Officer Paul Zientek saw an unresponsive woman, and quickly jumped into action. Read about the incident, submitted by Marquette University Police Chief Paul Mascari:


On Monday, August 28, 2017 at 2:38PM, PO Paul Zientek was on routine patrol in the 700 block of N. 24th St. when he observed a lone female seated in a parked vehicle. She was seated but appeared to be having a difficult time remaining conscious. PO Zientek circled the block to check on her welfare. When he returned to the vehicle he found the female was now slumped over onto the passenger side of the auto. A check revealed she was barely breathing and had a faint pulse. PO Zientek observed physical signs of intravenous drug use and also observed drug paraphernalia on the front seat. PO Zientek immediately assessed the victim had overdosed and called for our Narcan and EMS response. PO Jesse Nelson and PO Brian Larson responded to his call and assisted in removing the victim from the vehicle. The officers then administered two doses of Narcan which brought about a mild response from the victim. The Milwaukee Fire Department also responded and administered additional doses of Narcan which brought about further recovery of the victim. The victim was then transported to Aurora Sinai Medical Center where she is expected to make a full recovery. 

Had it not been for the keen observation skills of PO Zientek and the quick response of PO Larson and PO Nelson, another life would surely have been lost to heroin.


“Officer Zientek’s proactive patrol and keen observation skills, along with the quick response of Officers Larson and Nelson, undoubtedly saved this woman’s life,” said Chief Paul Mascari, who nominated the officers for the Attorney General’s Top Cop award.


I couldn’t agree more, Chief. The quick action from Officers Zientek, Nelson, and Larson prevented what could have been another casualty in the fight against the opioid epidemic. Local law enforcement have been our state’s frontline of defense from the opioid epidemic – in small towns, big cities, and college campuses like Marquette University.


Law enforcement is also working to stop drug abuse through education and prevention efforts. On October 28, law enforcement agencies across the state will be hosting Drug Take Back Days, a national effort to collect unused and unwanted medications, in an effort to curb the diversion of prescription painkillers and to prevent medicine from ending up in our water supply.


To find out where you can dispose of your unused and unwanted medications, go to: