Chippewa Falls PD go the extra mile - literally

Today's Top Cops come to us from Chippewa Falls where two officers literally walked the extra mile to help a man making his way back to his residence on foot.


Here is how Chippewa Falls told the story on their Facebook page:


On the afternoon of Sunday, October 25th, Officers Hakes and Checkalski were called to assist with a 64 year-old resident of a local group home, who had walked away. This man was located near the intersection of N State Ave and E Columbia St, where officers made contact with him. 


After speaking with this man, he refused a ride offered by the officers. Officer Hakes then convinced the man to return home and walked with him, back to his residence on Evergreen Lane. Officer Hakes walked with him nearly a mile and a half, stopping for him to take several breaks along the way, as Officer Checkalski followed in his patrol car.


Because of their efforts, this man was returned home safely, without incident. He told Officer Hakes he really liked walking with him. Excellent work officers, showing compassion and commitment as members of the Chippewa Falls Police Department.


These two officers exemplify the way that police officers to the extra mile every day to take care of their communities. We are proud to recognize them as Attorney General Schimel's "Top Cop's Top Cops."