Brown Deer PD Purchase Football Tickets for Local Veteran Who Falls Victim to Scam

After investigating a fraud case where a local veteran had been scammed after having her money stolen while trying to purchase Green Bay Packers tickets, top cops from Brown Deer Police Department took it upon themselves to make sure the veteran was still able to see the Packers play. The story, as told by Fox6:


“Brown Deer police stepped in to save the day for Nicole Hoffmann, the victim in this case — donating replacement Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers tickets to her — thanking the veteran for her service.


Brown Deer police posted the heartwarming video to Twitter on September 7th.


Hoffmann was brought to tears by the gesture.


“I lost it. I’m still trying not to…it’s…I mean…” Hoffmann said.


She received two tickets to a Packers game, and two tickets to a Badgers game.


“It’s not the Dallas game, but it’s two weeks later, so hopefully that’s close enough to your fiance’s birthday,” an officer said in the video.


A group of Brown Deer police officers stopped by Hoffmann’s home to hand-deliver the tickets and thank her for her service. The officers and some people close to the officers came together to make the donation possible.


“I felt so embarrassed. I still feel embarrassed. I sent her $550. I try to have faith that there’s nice people in the world and I just became a dummy to the scam,” Hoffmann said.


This scam was reported to Brown Deer police on September 3rd.


“It just kind of bothered me,” Brown Deer Police Officer Nick Andersen said. “It didn’t sit well with me.”


Officer Andersen took it upon himself to make this right.


“Couple of phone calls, a couple of text messages,” Andersen said.


Through friends’ donations, he was able to get four tickets for Hoffmann — two for a Packers game, and two for a Badgers game.


“It`s a small gesture. It`s really not the debt that we owe our veterans. This is nothing,” Andersen said.


Hoffmann said that ‘small gesture’ is something she’ll never forget.


“It gives me faith again that there are good people out there,” Hoffmann said.”


Brown Deer PD did their job to bring the scammer to justice, including coordinating with an agency on the other side of the country, to catch the criminal. But then Brown Deer PD went above the necessary duty to serve a member of the community.