Award-Winning Sun Prairie Police Officer Michelle Wilson

Sun Prairie Police Officer Michelle Wilson's powers of observation don't just solve crimes, they solve problems.


Check out what Sun Prairie had to say about her:


The Sun Prairie Police Department is proud to announce that Officer Michelle Wilson has been awarded the 2015 Mary Rita Ostrander Leadership Award sponsored by the Wisconsin Association of Women Police (WAWP).  Officer Wilson received her award at an Awards Luncheon Ceremony at American Family Insurance this past Friday (October 9).  Attending the ceremony in support of Officer Wilson was Chief of Police Pat Anhalt, Assistant Chief Scott Faust, Lieutenant Kevin Konopacki and Officer Wilson’s husband Mike Wilson, who is a detective with Sun Prairie PD.


This award is given to any WAWP member who is a certified law enforcement officer and who has distinguished herself as follows: 

  • Demonstrates by specific continuous act, her support of women in law enforcement
  • Has supported and served as a role model to women in law enforcement
  • Has distinguished themselves by:
    • Their day to day assignments
    • Dedication to one’s community or to the law enforcement profession above and beyond assigned work duties
    • Demonstrates work related acts within the past year to exceptional courage, leadership, initiative, innovation and dedication
    • Displays and maintains a professional demeanor and reputation 

Officer Wilson was recognized by the Awards Committee for the following:  


•          Served as a Field Training Officer from 2011-2014.

•          Served on the Officer Advisory Committee (a committee of made up of front line officers who recommend program implementations and help facilitate those implementations for the Sun Prairie Police Department).

•          Creation of a 4-page investigative packet to help officers when investigating attempted strangulations.  The use of these packets resulted in two separate letters of accommodation from the Dane County District Attorney’s office.

•          Creation of a police lab supply inventory list which was later upgraded to an Access data base and she manages a yearly inventory of those supplies.


However it was her latest endeavor that comes with great recognition from Chief Pat Anhalt and community leaders.  Over the course of her career she had noticed a significant increase in calls involving a mental health component.  There was little or no department offered mental health training so she sought out training on Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, Mental Health First Aid and Crisis Intervention (CIT) training.  After learning about CIT, Officer Wilson asked the department’s upper administration if she could write a proposal for a mental health liaison program for the department.  The program was accepted and implemented in 2015.  There are now currently 6 mental health liaison officers at the Sun Prairie Police Department and that is a sole credit to Officer Wilson’s initiative and passion for recognizing a serious issue and using pro-active means to address it.


“We at the police department are very proud of Officer Wilson’s dedication to serving all members of the community and her commitment to this police department mission statement of “We will build relationships and solve problems,'" said Sun Prairie Lt. Kevin Konopacki.


We are happy to recognize Officer Michelle Wilson as a Top Cop for her dedication to her community and for bettering her profession.