Appleton PD Officer Jeremy Haney, K9 Jico are K9 Handler of the Year

Appleton PO Jeremy Haney and K9 Jico

Today's Top Cop's Top Cops take the phrase "doggedly working" literally.


Appleton Police Officer Jeremy Haney and his canine partner, Jico, were awarded Handler of the Year by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Canine Handler Association. Here is how Appleton Police Lt. Gary Lewis summed up PO Haney and K9 Jico's extraordinary police work in his nomination for the award:


"Officer Haney has continued to take a leadership role within our K9 program while still fulfilling the expectations of an officer assigned to our patrol division. Officer Haney and JICO have been involved in 112 arrest and 232 deployments during the time of October 1st 2014 through August 7th, 2015. Officer Haney has developed a relationship with the Fox Valley Technical College Public Safety Training Center which has allowed our K9 training group the opportunity to utilize multiple realistic settings to conduct all aspects of K9 training in a secure environment. By utilizing these facilities Officer Haney has developed training scenarios beyond simply dog training. This training has provided all the handlers in the group an increased awareness of how to tactically deploy their canines while enhancing their ability to direct and utilize their patrol officers during deployments.


"Within our agency, Officer Haney developed a Canine Handler FTO program and has continued to expand the knowledge of our patrol officers by integrating them into his on-duty training times. The Canine Handler FTO program significantly eased our new handler’s transition from basic canine handler school to a dual purpose patrol based canine team. This was the first time our agency employed this concept, which significantly increased the confidence of our new handler and prevented him from being immediately overwhelmed with his new responsibilities as a canine handler and patrol officer. Recognizing an opportunity to grow his tracking knowledge and JICO’s skill set, Officer Haney reached out to Madison PD’s K9 unit and organized a K9 Man Trailing Class for his training group that was held in Appleton. By bringing the trainers to our location, our agency as well as those in the training group saved a significant amount of money by avoiding cost associated with travel and expenses.


"89% of the participants involved in our late fall 2014 Citizen’s Academy found Officer Haney’s presentation very important to the Academy. A participant stated, “Officer Haney did a great job presenting this session. He’s a great speaker and does great things with Jico. Very interesting and exciting class”. Officer Haney assisted Kaukauna PD with their K9 program fundraising efforts by conducting a photo shoot with their fundraising chairmen, Trevor Frank, for Fox Cities Magazine. Kaukauna PD will deploy their first K9 unit in late Fall 2015.


"Officer Haney’s continued excellence as a canine handler, patrol leader amongst his peers, and constant desire to advance the K9 unit of the Appleton Police Department."