Litigation Summaries

Protecting Wisconsin's Laws

Machinists Local 1061 v. Walker, International Union v. Schimeland International Association of Machinists v. Allen

Wisconsin Association of State Prosecutors v. Wisconsin Employee Relations Commission

Frank v. Walker and One Wisconsin Institute v. Thomsen

Humane Society of the United States v. Zinke

Milwaukee Police Association v. Milwaukee

Wisconsin Carry, Inc. v. City of Madison

Amy Lynn Photography Studio, LLC v. City of Madison

Democratic Party of Wisconsin v. Wisconsin Department of Justice

Murr v. State of Wisconsin and St. Croix County

Stopping Federal Overreach

West Virginia v. EPA

State of Georgia v. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Arizona v. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Wisconsin v. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Delaware v. Pennsylvania and Wisconsin

Defending Criminal Convictions