Defending Wisconsin's Voting Districts

Gill v. Whitford


A three-judge panel of the United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin struck down Wisconsin's voting districts, statewide, as an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander.  This was the first time in decades that any court, anywhere in the country, had found an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander.  The Supreme Court of the United States stayed the district court's decision pending appeal.


The State argues that: 1) that the plaintiffs lack standing to challege an entire statewide redistricting plan, 2) that there is no judicially manageable standard for differentiating an "unconstitutional partisan gerrymander" from the normal politics of the redistricting process, and 3) that the district court adopted its own, muddled standard without allowing the parties to properly litigate it. The Solicitor General argued the State's case at the Supreme Court in October, 2017.


Status:  Awaiting final decision by the Supreme Court of the United States.


Litigation Closed: