Department of Justice's Responses to Public Records Requests



Weekly Public Records Request Snapshot

The Office of Open Government compiles this list of pending requests at the beginning of every week. It does not account for or include requests that DOJ received and to which DOJ responded between the weekly lists’ publication dates. The list also does not include pending public records postings for officer involved critical incidents, pending family and victim requests related to such incidents, and other agency public records assists.

Public Records Snapshot


Responses to Public Records Requests

In the interest of transparency and efficiency, the Office of Open Government posts specific responses to public-records requests that may be of particular public interest, or may be the subject of multiple requests for the same records. For records released related to Officer Involved Critical Incidents, please follow this link.  


September 2017

Sep 27 2017
Pay Inequity - Special Agents Discretionary Equity or Retention Adjustments
Sep 27 2017
Pay Inequity - Special Agent Compensation
Sep 13 2017
John Diedrich - Mid America Steel Drum Co. Environmental Records
Sep 8 2017
Keegan Kyle - Asset Forfeiture Records
Sep 7 2017
Emily Feinstein - DOC Inmate Litigation Settlement Records
Sep 1 2017
Brianna Reilly, Todd Richmond, Scot Ross - Promotional Items

August 2017

Aug 31 2017
Keegan Kyle - State Crime Laboratory Reports