OCVS Grant Programs

The Office of Crime Victim Services manages and administers a number of federal grant programs and state funding streams. 


Grant Opportunities


OCVS Online Curriculum

Recorded Training Materials for CVC/SAFE Fund and Crime Victim Rights.

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OCVS Grants Updates Bulletin - 2018

January 2018

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November 2018 


OCVS Grants Updates Bulletin - 2019  

January/February 2019

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Discrimination Policies for External Parties

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OCVS Grants Team

Cindy Grady - Director of Grant Programs and Operations 

Teresa Nienow - Justice Program Supervisor & Children's Justice Act Coordinator

Amanda Powers - OCVS Grants Specialist - VOCA Lead

Courtney Watson - OCVS Grants Specialist /SAFE Fund Administrator

Mary Colletti - OCVS Grants Specialist

Shira Phelps - Violence Against Women Program and Policy Analyst / VAWA Grants Administrator

Jake Griffith - OCVS Grants Specialist

Tanya Herranz - OCVS Financial Grants Specialist

Justin Wartzenluft - OCVS Financial Grants Specialist

Jason Kuhn- OCVS Financial Grants Specialist

Leah Varnadoe - OCVS Grants Support Specialist


OCVS Grants Subgrantees by Grant Specialist List