Victims of Crime Act (VOCA)

VOCA victim assistance grants are provided to private and public agencies to support direct services to victims of violent crime. Services provided under this program include safety planning, community service referrals, counseling, crisis intervention and legal advocacy.


Open VOCA Funding Announcement

VOCA Technical Assistance FA

VOCA Discretionary TA Implementation Plan


VOCA Document Library

Application Forms and Documents:

OCVS Agency Personnel Budget Summary (MS Excel)

Certification to Apply 10% de Minimus Indirect Cost Rate (MS Word)

VOCA Match Waiver Request Letter Template (MS Word)

VOCA Program Income Certification Form (MS Word)

Volunteer Waiver Request Form (MS Word)


Forms and Instructions

VOCA State Program Guidelines (PDF)

US DOJ Financial Guide 

Equal Employment Opportunity Program Reporting Tool (Utilize to complete EEOP Certification Form)

EEO Reporting Tool Job Aid (Instructions for using the EEO Reporting Tool to complete EEOP Certification Form)

Training Report (MS Word)

SAM Instructions: 

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Egrants Instructions:

Webinar: How to Enter Fiscal Report in Egrants

How to Certify Fiscal Report in Egrants

How to add Personnel and Employee Benefits using Contacts

How to submit an Inventory Report in Egrants

Egrants Modification Instructions

Program Report Submission Instructions


Federal Performance Measures Information:

OVC PMT Wisconsin Definitions and Instructions

OVC PMT Subgrantee Performance Report

OVC PMT User Guide

OVC PMT Subgrantee Data Tracking Template (MS Excel)


Resources For Current Recipients:

VOCA Management Training PowerPoint Slides *NEW

Subgrantee Monitoring Policies and Procedures Checklist *NEW

State of Wisconsin Pocket Travel Guide

2018 - 2019 VOCA Subgrantees (PDF)

2019 - 2020 VOCA Subgrantees (PDF)

Map of 2017-2018 VOCA Subgrantees

Wisconsin DOJ Purchasing Policy and Procedures

Fair Minimum Update *NEW


Contact VOCA Staff:

Amanda Powers

Lead VOCA Grant Specialist



Mary Colletti

VOCA Grant Specialist