Crime Victims Council

The Wisconsin Crime Victims Council is a 15-member body created by the passage of Wis. Stat. 15.257(2)15.257
(2) Crime victims council. There is created in the department of justice a crime victims council consisting of 15 persons appointed by the attorney general for staggered 3-year terms. Of the 15 members, 10 shall be citizen members, 2 shall represent organizations providing victim support services and one each shall be representatives of law enforcement, district attorneys and the judiciary. The citizen members shall have demonstrated sensitivity and concern for crime victims.
to serve as an advisory body to the attorney general. Council members are appointed by the attorney general to 3 year terms. Of the fifteen members, ten are citizen appointees, two represent organizations that provide victim services, and one each represents law enforcement, district attorneys and the judiciary.


Since its inception, the Council has concentrated its efforts on furthering the rights of crime victims and improving the criminal justice response to victims. The Council was instrumental in the creation and passage of Wisconsin’s victims’ rights laws. At the request of the attorney general, the Council conducts research and makes recommendations on issues of importance to victims of crime.  The Council also tracks legislation that impacts the criminal justice system.  In addition, the Council co-hosts the AG’s Crime Victims Rights Week ceremony during National Crime Victims Rights Week each April.


The Council meets quarterly in Madison and meetings are open to the public. Email the Crime Victims Council..


Crime Victims Council Members

Appointee Seat Term Expires
Michelle Arrowood Victim Services June 30, 2020
Ave M. Bie Citizen June 30, 2019
Tania M. Bonnett District Attorney June 30, 2018
Jen Dunn Victim Services June 30, 2018
Thomas Eagon Citizen June 30, 2019
Jane E. Graham Jennings Citizen June 30, 2020
Chief Kurt D. Heuer Citizen June 30, 2019
The Honorable Scott L. Horne Judicial June 30, 2020
Connie Klick Citizen June 30, 2020
Charles S. McGee Citizen June 30, 2018
Jennifer L. Noyes Citizen June 30, 2019
Mallory E. O'Brien Citizen June 30, 2020
Michael S. Rogowski Citizen June 30, 2018
Chief Anna M. Ruzinski Law Enforcement June 30, 2018
Stephen T'Kach Citizen June 30, 2019


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