Crime Victims Council



The Wisconsin Crime Victims Council is a 15-member body created by the legislature that operates under  Wis. Stat. 15.257(2).   Council members are appointed to three year staggered terms by the attorney general. Of the fifteen members, ten are citizen appointees, two represent organizations that provide victim services, and one each represents law enforcement, district attorneys and the judiciary.


  • The Council develops and implements projects, conducts research, and makes recommendations to the attorney general on public safety issues that impact victims of crime. 


  • The Council has historically held a strong focus on the meaningful provision of victims' statutory and constitutional rights.  Currently, the Council is engaged a project to get feedback from partners in the field about legislative or policy changes needed for the meaningful implementation of the recently amended Victims of Crime constitutional language ("Marsy's Law"):

Marsy's Law Implementation Project Goals and Objectives (July 2020)

Results of Stakeholder Survey (September 2020)


  • Every April, the Council co-hosts a Crime Victims Rights Week Ceremony with the Office of the Attorney General to commemorate National Crime Victims Rights Week.  


2020 Meeting Notices and Materials

CVC Meeting Notices


April 24, 2020 Notice


July 17, 2020 Notice


.7/17 Meeting Materials
Nov 18, 2020 Notice  

Notice of Workgroup Meetings


September 16, 2020 CVC Workgroup Notices


September 18, 2020 CVC Workgroup Notice


October 6, 2020 Phase 3 Workgroup Notice


October 15, 2020 Phase 1 Workgroup Notice


October 16, 2020 Phase 2 Workgroup Notice


October 27 & 28 Phase 1, 2 and 3 Workgroup Notices

Workgroup Reference Materials


ML Stakeholder Survey Responses



Rights & Duties Guides & Analysis




Model Compliance Forms

LE Victim Information Form

Ch. 950.08(2g)(h) OID Notice Form


Criminal Justice System Flowcharts


Correspondence for the Council can be sent to: 


Julie Braun

Wisconsin Department of Justice

17 West Main Street - 8th Floor

Madison, WI 53703


Crime Victims Council Appointees

Appointee Seat Term Expires
Michelle Arrowood Victim Services 6/30/2020
Tania M. Bonnett District Attorney 6/30/2021
Thomas Eagon Citizen 6/30/2022
Jane E. Graham Jennings Citizen 6/30/2020
Kurt D. Heuer Citizen 6/30/2022
The Honorable Scott L. Horne Judicial 6/30/2020
Connie Klick Citizen 6/30/2020
Dione Knop Victim Services 6/30/2021
Jennifer L. Noyes Citizen 6/30/2019
Mallory E. O'Brien Citizen 6/30/2020
Assistant Chief Kari Sasso Law Enforcement 6/30/2021
VACANT Citizen 6/30/2021
VACANT Citizen 6/30/2021
VACANT Citizen 6/30/2022
VACANT Citizen 6/30/2022