Special Operations Bureau

The Special Operations Bureau is responsible for many of the DCI core operations, to include internal investigations, inspections, audits, and the creation and maintenance of DCI policies. Additionally, the Special Operations Bureau Director oversees the activities of the Wisconsin Statewide Intelligence Center (WSIC) and the division's Gaming Enforcement Bureau.


The Special Operations Bureau coordinates the Child Abduction Response Team (CART), which provides immediate specialized law enforcement resources and response in cases of a missing, endangered, or abducted child. The Bureau also participates in the Mid-States Crime Information Center (MOCIC), which provides analytical and support services to a national network of law enforcement agencies and facilitates information sharing among those agencies.


The Special Operations Bureau Director coordinates the Continuity of Operation/Continuity of Government program, which ensures that critical agency functions will continue in the event of a catastrophic incident, and participates in the Homeland Security Council.


Contact Information for the Special Operations Bureau:


Jenniffer Price Jenniffer Price

Director Special

Operations Bureau

(608) 266-1671