Law Enforcement Officer's Safety Act (LEOSA)

The Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation only issues the LEOSA cards to retired DCI agents.  Retired federal agents and out-of-state LEO's who now reside in Wisconsin must submit their application to the Division of Law Enforcement Services (DLES) to obtain the LEOSA card.  For information about LEOSA (a/k/a/ HR-218), check FAQ documents and other instructions.




For retired DCI agents attending one of the four DCI LEOSA qualification courses listed below, the agent is required to submit the following forms to DCI:

**NOTE:  On the Liability Waiver form, the applicant is required to write in the four Uniform Gun Handling Safety Rules under "Description of Risks"; forms left blank or incorrectly filled out will not be processed and the application will be rejected.


The photograph required for a certification card must be included with the application. The recently taken photograph must meet the requirements for a passport photo:


In Color

Printed on photo quality paper

Taken in front of a plain colored background

Taken in full-face view directly facing the camera

With a neutral facial expression and both eyes open

2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm) in size (no larger) 


If the retired agent attends a qualification course sponsored by another agency or technical college administered by a DOJ T&S certified firearms instructor, the agent must submit the original certificate of qualification, along with form 261a2 Applicant Questionnaire, and 261a3 Liability Waiver; and a recent photograph (see photo specifications above) to DCI.


Upon successful qualification, the LEOSA card will be issued to the retiree.




Other Wisconsin law enforcement agencies and technical colleges also provide retirees an opportunity to qualify with the Wisconsin Handgun Qualification Course.  If a federal or out-of-state LEO receives a certificate of qualification from one of these other organizations, the certificate can be submitted directly to DLES, and DCI is not involved in any way.


If a retired federal or out-of-state LEO wishes to attend a DCI LEOSA qualification shoot, they only need to submit the 261a2 Applicant Questionaire and 261a3 Liability Waiver to prior to the deadline, and bring the original signed documents to the qualification shoot.


Upon successful qualification, the retired federal or out-of-state LEO will receive a Certificate of Qualification signed by the firearms instructor.  Retired federal or out-or-state LEO must submit the Certificate of Qualification to DLES, along with the DLES required application documents.  DLES issues LEOSA cards for retired federal or out-of-state LEO's.  For more information, check FAQ documents and other instructions.




DCI will provide four opportunities yearly for retired DCI agents and retired federal or out-of-state law enforcement officers who meet the requirements under the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act to qualify with their sidearm.  Applicants are required to provide 50 rounds of ammunition per weapon, per attempt of the WI DOJ Qualification Course, their own ear and eye protection, and any range fees required.


Dates for the 2018 shoots will be published after January 2018.