Eau Claire Police Officer Goes out of His Way to Rescue Citizen’s Property

Top Cop and Eau Claire Police Officer David Chapin’s small actions and big problem solving helped a young woman recover her electronics from a storm drain, and get home safely, earlier this month in Eau Claire.


Officer Chapin was driving through Eau Claire when he noticed a young woman drop something out of her pocket as she crossed the street, and then looked very distressed as she looked into a storm drain.


When Officer Chapin spoke to her, the young woman showed the officer how she had dropped her Nintendo DS down the storm drain, and it was clearly too far down for her or the officer to grab it themselves.


Wanting to get the expensive electronic back to the owner, Officer Chapin called another officer, who brought out a grabbing pole. Unfortunately, the grabbing hand was too thick to fit through the grate, and the grate couldn’t be removed.


Officer Chapin called the City of Eau Claire Utilities Department, and they were able to remove the grate, and Officer Chapin reached down and rescued the Nintendo DS for the young woman.


The recovery of the electronic took so much time the young woman missed her bus home; so Officer Chapin gave her a ride home.


“Law enforcement officers swear a duty to serve and protect, and they do this in big and small ways every day,” said Attorney General Brad Schimel. “Officer Chapin’s actions were small, but mattered to a local citizen. Whether it’s saving someone’s life or making someone’s day a little easier, Officer Chapin and Wisconsin’s law enforcement officers make me proud.”