Top Cops in Washington County Fulfill a Young Boy’s Wish

Photograph courtesy of Scott Evenson & the Morgan Family

Top Cops and Washington County Sheriff’s Sergeant Chad Beres, and Deputies Justin Jilling, Jeremy Miller, and Dustin Thomson gave Eli Morgan a birthday to remember earlier this month when they made him an honorary member of the Washington County law enforcement family. The events of the birthday are below, as described on the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.


Recently our department received a public relations request from a family friend of Eli Morgan. He was turning 14 years old on June 14th so the family was celebrating his golden birthday on Saturday, June 10th. The request was very simple; asking if we could have a Deputy stop by Eli’s birthday party because he wants to be a Deputy. Eli was born with a hypo-plastic left heart, where the left side of his heart was severely under developed and he had to have a heart transpla


We had a very special Junior Deputy badge made thanks to Streichers which is the company that furnishes our badges. We also had a Deputy uniform custom made to fit Eli thanks to our friends at Red the Uniform Tailor who also donated a duty belt complete with a handcuff case and handcuffs, a glove pouch and a flashlight. In addition, the Sheriff drafted an Honorary Oath of Office appointing Eli a fully sworn Junior Deputy.


Sgt. Chad Beres along with Deputies Justin Jilling, Jeremy Miller and Dustin Thompson responded to the Morgan residence in their squad cars to deliver Eli his presents at his birthday party. After opening his present Eli wanted to put on the uniform shirt right away. The Oath of Office was read appointing Eli a Junior Deputy and his badge was pinned on his uniform. He posed for some pictures, checked out the squad, played with the siren and checked out the squad’s radar unit which was used to take a reading of him in his motorized wheelchair as he blazed down his driveway at a whopping 9mph. We’re honored to have Eli as part of our blue line family. Thank you to the Morgan Family for letting us share in your special celebration. (Photographs courtesy of Scott Evenson & the Morgan Family)


Not only did these deputies grant Eli’s wish, but they made Eli one of the team and shared their law enforcement experience – complete with a very nice uniform! Well done to the Washington County Sheriff’s Deputies who took the time to visit with Eli, and to share your job with an aspiring law enforcement officer.