Top Cop: Madison Chief of Police Michael C. Koval

Chief Michael C. Koval

Today’s Top Cop is Madison Chief of Police Michael C. Koval. Chief Koval was nominated for the Top Cop’s Top Cop by a City of Madison resident and Neighborhood Watch leader.


Since coming into his role two years ago we have seen crime drop, particularly residential burglaries. He has formed specialized units that target problem areas such as the Burglary Unit, Mental Health Unit, Gang Unit, Community Resource Unit and several others that help police focus in and gain specialized knowledge that helps them find solutions. His outreach efforts cover every possible opportunity to engage with the public. For example, he has spoken at several of our own neighborhood watch meetings, joined me on public radio to talk about crime prevention, held dozens of packed community forums in neighborhoods all across Madison to connect with people, taken my own group on several personal tours of training facilities and police departments and was a big source of encouragement and inspiration when I first started my neighborhood watch two years ago. He is also instrumental in supporting the Youth Academy, Police Explorers, and Coffee with a Cop. This Chief works exceptionally long hours too, in the range of 12-20 daily plus weekends including holidays and special events. And I’m still just barely scratching the surface in describing this one leader’s impact in Madison. Within his own department of 450+ officers he personally calls each officer on their birthday and on their anniversary to wish them well and should they be injured on a call he’s right there with them there too at the hospital. When a burglar attacked a 90+ year young lady in her home last year, he personally visited and consoled her. When someone shot bullets into the front window of a residential home last year, he personally visited that neighbor. When there was an officer involved shooting he personally visited family members of the person who was shot and prayed with them. Chief Koval stands as one of the best among the best… He makes such a positive difference wherever he goes every day for so many because he genuinely cares. He leads by example, encourages people to be their best and stops at nothing to show compassion, love and trust. He’s not only a Top Cop; he’s a Top Human Being!


Steve Fitzsimmons

Madison, WI